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About Us

Our Story

In the vibrant and culturally rich city of Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, a shining beacon of elegance and timeless beauty was born in the year 2016 - Kedai Emas Perling. We are your premier destination for exquisite gold accessories and jewelry, crafted with the utmost care and a passion for perfection.

Our Commitment

At Kedai Emas Perling, we believe that beauty is not just skin deep; it can be worn, adorned, and celebrated through meticulously crafted gold jewelry. We are committed to offering our customers more than just a piece of jewelry; we provide an experience, a tradition, and a promise of enduring value.

The Heart of Gold

Gold, the symbol of purity and enduring value, has been revered for centuries. At Kedai Emas Perling, we understand the significance of this precious metal and strive to embody its timeless qualities in every piece of jewelry we create.
Whether it's a gleaming wedding ring, an intricate necklace, or a delicate bracelet, each piece tells a story of love, craftsmanship, and elegance.


Craftsmanship and Expertise
Our skilled artisans are the heart and soul of our business. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, they transform raw gold into works of art that celebrate your unique style and personality. From traditional to contemporary designs, our jewelry reflects the latest trends while retaining the enduring beauty of gold.
When you step into Kedai Emas Perling, you're not just entering a jewelry store; you're entering a world of dreams, desires, and enduring elegance. We promise to provide you with:
Every piece of jewelry is crafted with the highest quality gold and is rigorously inspected to meet our exacting standards.
From classic to modern, we offer a diverse range of designs to cater to every taste and occasion.
Fair Value
Our prices are competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
Customer Service
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you in making the right choice.
We are a trusted name in the industry, and your satisfaction and trust mean the world to us.
Visit Us Today
Kedai Emas Perling is not just a jewelry store; it's a place where dreams are realized, love is celebrated, and memories are created. Come and experience the world of gold with us. Discover the magic of Kedai Emas Perling - where beauty, elegance, and tradition come together in perfect harmony.
No 12 & 14, Jalan Camar 2, Taman Perling,
81200 Johor Bahru.
GF-06, Ground Floor of Shop Lot, No 11 Block C, Pangsapuri Putra Mewah, Jalan Segenting, Taman Bukit Mewah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.
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